Creating a Community in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages

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Find a Volunteering Opportunity in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages

At Pretty Unique Boutique CIC we aim to expand and provide employment activity with both paid and unpaid volunteering opportunities in our shop and workshop. The shop and online trading store bring in revenue that supports our core activities throughout Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages. In doing so, we will be able to social isolation, and loneliness within the community and encourage recycling. From learning craft skills to simply socialising regularly, we aim to help everyone we can.

Crafts for Everyone

While most traditional crafts are aimed at attracting women, we aim our services at everyone. Our intention is to develop a range of craft skills, including:

Crafts for Everyone

  • Woodworking

  • Watch Repairs

  • Picture Framing

  • Walking Stick Making

  • Upcycling China into Cake Stands

In addition, we have made contact with a retired upholsterer who is keen to help pass on skills to those interested in upcycling.

Creating a Community in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages

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