Creating a Community in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages

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About Pretty Unique Boutique CIC

Established in 2016, Pretty Unique Boutique CIC was created by two people with a passion for helping the local community. Our goal is to help as many people as possible, and we do this by offering paid and unpaid opportunities at our premises in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages, as well as selling excellent products, including upcycled furniture and more. Our team are experienced in working with a range of people, and this helps us to create a real sense of community. Get in touch now to learn more about us.

Pretty Unique Boutique CIC offers a safe space for people facing loneliness and social isolation to pop in for a cuppa and a chat. We extend hospitality and offer a variety of activities.

A Safe Space

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Lots of high-quality items are donated, and these are sorted, sold, and sometimes upcycled. We’re keen crafters and upcyclers and we offer workshops to exchange skills and learn new ones. We are also a space for crafters to sell their creations while taking a commission.

Creating a Community in Chryston, Muirhead and surrounding villages

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